Swap plan Winterswijk

Urban land reallotment

Winterswijk has a tradition of reallocating and transform existing properties. Therefore the occupancy rate in the center is high. Centralization of public services, however, has created a number of vacant spaces. The municipality therefore reacted positively to the initiative of the National Real Estate Agency. They are willing to demolish the former tax office, provided that it leads to a 'real estate carousel'. Around 70 owners, investors, residents and other trendsetters participated in this urban reallotment. The result: a series of deals in which superfluous square meters are withdrawn from the market and the demand is focused on the best spatial and economic best places.

Swap Plan Winterswijk is the continuation of The Winterswijk Approach work program, the bottom-up renewal of the center in the period 2007-2012 with an investment of around €63 million.


Charettes, work program, urban design preconditions & supervision
Municipality Winterswijk & National Real Estate Agency (RVOB)
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Larissa Guschl