Amstel Station Amsterdam

Waiting space becomes waiting place

The development of the area around Amsterdam's Amstel Station fits the city’s ambition to grow into a more prosperous and liveable metropolis. The master plan promotes an inviting, vibrant and safe station square. To achieve this, the maze of site infrastructure must first be untangled and upgraded. Trams and buses are allocated a new location near the historic station building. Cars are accommodated on a leafy boulevard with ample space for pedestrians and cyclists. Four mixed use buildings rise around the square with shops, work spaces, restaurants, a hotel and 500 apartments: a waiting space becomes a waiting place!


The city council of Amsterdam adopted the master plan in 2009 and the zoning plan in 2012. Construction of the 100-meter high Amstel Tower with parking garage and new bus station has begun. The restoration of H.G.J. Schelling's 1939 monument, part of 'The Collection: Special Station Buildings in The Netherlands', will follow soon after.


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