Town centre Leusden

Challenging to cooperate

The 'Hamershof' was built in the ideaslistic 1970's as the centre of the new town of Leusden. It therefore mixes housing, working and shopping. However, the city never expanded to its planned size and the centre now lies decentralized and hidden within the town.


Through expansions in the 1990's the centre increasingly assumed the character of a mall, including large scale parking facilities. The oldest part of the centre now battles vacancy and long-postponed maintenance and the centre as a whole is at risk of slipping downhill.


This is why owners, enterpreneurs, residents and the municipality are joining hands and to work on the transformation of the Heart of Leusden!


Workshops & Urban design vision
Verenigingen van Eigenaren van Bedrijfsruimten in het Hoofdcentrum Leusden
Andries Geerse
In cooperation with
Johan de Wachter Architecten