The Village Arnhem

Smart & Slow 
The opening of The Village was an important step in the emancipation of people with disabilities. They received their own house in their own neighborhood. This concept from 1963 is not the end of the emancipation process. The residents of The Village think it's time for a new step. Siza helps people to organise their own lives. The New Village is therefore a place where self-direction and self-organisation are key. Our “co-creators” are people with disabilities who want to live as independently as possible, professionals who see their client as a partner in treatment and committed entrepreneurs who want to test their innovative products and services here. In addition, we’re looking for Arnhem residents who want to get to know The Village again - and maybe even want to co-build an open, mixed and sustainable neighborhood.


Design studios, feasibility study & master plan
Siza, Groot Klimmendaal, De Onderwijsspecialisten, ROC Rijn IJssel & municipality of Arnhem
Project website
Andries Geerse
In cooperation with
Landschap in verandering, Royal HASKONING & Kara Consult