City axes & transformation areas

China in the polder? 

The Dutch government launched the concept of "City Axis" in the Multiannual programme for Infrastructure, Space and Transportation (MIRT). The MIRT exploration of the A1-zone suggests that this connection between the highway and the train station has great economic potential and the ability to pool traffic and urban development demands. The image looms of a high-rise corridor in China. However, this picture conflicts with ambitions for sustainability, spatial quality and identity. The pilot study City Axes Deventer explores this tension with a help of three T's:Transformation, Typology and Transfer. The results of the study shows the size of the discrepancy between theoretical concept and its implementation in a real city.


The steering committee A1-zone Programme presented the pilot study to the municipality of Deventer, which sees it as one of three building blocks for a new structural vision.


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