Vossenpels Nijmegen

Plant Your Flag

The Nijmegen Waalsprong was in dire straits. A new development strategy was needed, in combination with innovative living concepts. WeLoveTheCity therefore positioned the Vossenpels location as the place for self and collective building. That could be a house, but also a work space, restaurant (yes, even in the suburbs!) or something else entirely. Not just for the priveleged, but also those with a small budget.


We approached future residents through social media, the interactive website www.plantjevlag.nl and an on-location event, all in a very short time. Together we completed the development plan. Very soon afterwards a new zoning plan was created and approved. This was necessary in order to allow the 250 self-builders to begin quickly. Since they not only wanted control over their home, but also over the outdoor public space, responsibility for public space management was transferred to the residents' assocation.


Most buildings are ready now; take a look and let us know what you think!


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