Euregion Rhein-Waal


Dutch horticulture is in dire straits. Time for the horticultural area between Arnhem and Nijmegen to make a choice: NEXTgarden! Successful entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the government are working together here on concrete initiatives that make the whole production chain smarter, more profitable and more sustainable. That's done through three complementary lines of action. NEXTgarden is located in the region with the largest heating + CO2 distribution network; we establish sustainable energy as the basis for emissions-free cultivation. NEXTgarden is the region with the most 'green' knowledge in the world; we encourage innovation and start-ups in horticulture and bio-based production. NEXTgarden is part of the Euroregion Rhein-Waal; we develop this Dutch-German home market with 3.5 million customers.


2014 - present
Market proposition and Interreg Europe
Greenport Arnhem Nijmegen, STOL, province of Gelderland and the cities of Nijmegen and Lingewaard
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Hier Groeit Iets Moois
Andries Geerse