Kolenkitbuurt Amsterdam

On the street!
The Kolenkitbuurt neighbourhood was voted number 1 on the national list of disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to the dismay of its residents. Because they believe in their neighbourhood. The social, economic and environmental renewal is in full swing. Social empowerment creates opportunities in employment, training and integration. The underlying structure of Cornelis van Eesteren provides robust support for a gradual process of restoration, demolition and new construction. The open block is re-invented: the garden block. The semi-private encroachment bridges the gap between 'my house' and 'our street'. It must become the architectural expression of multicultural initiative and commitment.

The housing corporations Far West and Eigen Haard have restored 250 existing homes and built 450 new homes. The total program includes approximately 1,850 dwellings and 20,000 m² of employment and services.


Renewal plan, elaboration plans, public space plan & supervision
Municipality Amsterdam Bos and Lommer, AWV, Eigen Haard & Far West
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Project Kolenkit
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