Velve-Lindenhof Enschede

A new heart for Velve-Lindenhof

Velve-Lindenhof is a cosy neighbourhood in Enschede Oost. It is designated a strength or power district - a special target for urban investment and renewal - so that residents can once again be proud of 'their' Velve-Lindenhof. A neighbourhood where residents and entrepreneurs enjoy living and working and where they can fully develop. The municipality, the housing corporations Our House and De Woonplaats, along with a range of partners in education, healthcare and welfare, culture and sport therefore invest in housing, the environment and socio-cultural infrastructure in the neighbourhood.


The new multifunctional building will become the heart of Velve-Lindenhof: "A place with facilities where young and old, inside and outside school hours can go to develop, learn, do sports, play, relax and socialize. In short, a new and vibrant heart of the neighbourhood where you can meet other residents."


design charrettes and urban plan
Housing corporation De Woonplaats
Marjolein Dekker