Harbour Quarter Deventer

The Flemish approach

Everyone knows: you pass the old silos at the sluice, and then you are really in Deventer. But the surrounding area holds some surprises. Here in the harbour, a stone's throw from downtown, is fertile ground for new initiatives in working, living and culture. Hence the 'Flemish' approach. The starting point is maximum conservation and reuse. Realize your dreams in one of the old silos, warehouses or factories, or build yourself a new home business! The renewal process is organic. The rate is determined mainly by the question: when does the initiator want to start building?

Deventer goes Flemish. This idea has been elaborated in a development plan, approved by the city council (2010). A number of concrete initiatives have already been privately launched; they are the drivers of the development.


Competition (winner), feasibility study, development plan, design guidelines and supervision
Municipality of Deventer
Project website
Havenkwartier website
Marjolein Dekker