Feijenoord Rotterdam

Resilient Quarter

Feijenoord is beautiful and vulnerable. The neighbourhood has a great location in the bend of the river. A rich tapestry of residents from over 80 countries have found a home here. Feijenoord is also vulnerable. Its socio-economic position is among, like the housing stock, the weakest of Rotterdam. Health is also worse here than elsewhere in the city. Moreover, there's a great risk that the area is flooded during high water times. This requires a solid development concept in which the current residents and adventurous newcomers are better off on all fronts: Resilient Quarter Feijenoord!
Residents are the most important investors in a neighborhood, but sometimes there are blockages that do not solve themselves. Resilient Quarter Feijenoord is based on the strength of residents and entrepreneurs, supported by a flexible coalition of parties willing to bundle current financial flows in the fields of housing, work, water safety, health and energy. And then a lot can happen.


laboratory, development concept and business case
self-financed research
Larissa Guschl
In cooperation with
Platform 31 / Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties (BZK)