Droo Duiven

Care in or near home

Duiven is a typical urban expansion area from the ‘70s, in which inhabitants passed retirement age all at once. Time for action! The municipality wants to implement various ‘residential care zones’ so residents can get care in or close to their home. But, and this is typical of neighbourhoods from the ‘70s, there is little space. Fortunately the residents planned together with us. The solution: demolish 32 apartments and rebuild them in a smarter way on a more beautiful spot. This also freed up a lot of space for small-scale nursing facilities, extra apartments and the 'House of Droo', which contains community facilities for young and old.

The project is now finished and works great, thanks to the architecture of Jan Bakers, Twee Snoeken and Johan De Wachter. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Feasibility study, urban plan and supervision
Municipality of Duiven, housing corporation Vivare & care partners
Marek Vogt
In cooperation with
Johan De Wachter Architecten