Dieze Bridges Den Bosch

Five bridges make a place

The new rail and car bridges across the medieval Dieze River arrive in a sort of no man's land. But appearances are deceiving. This area will develop in coming years into the Water District, the living, working and leisure area of 's Hertogenbosch. The technical reference design was unfortunately just simple concrete slabs on top of a forest of columns. Our design study and associated design guidelines show another ambition: five bridges that by their careful positioning strengthen the urban fabric and by their industrial design set the tone for the planned urban development in the area.


This ambition is very expensive. The municipality, ProRail and the Province of North-Brabant chose for the design anyway, happily for the city. Since the last bridge was completed in 2015, you can now see for yourself the value of the extra investment. What a place!


Urban design guidelines
Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch and Prorail
Project website
Sporen Den Bosch
Andries Geerse
In cooperation with
Architectenbureau Marius van den Wildenberg