De Schil Doetinchem

Pimp my egg

This egg-shaped inner city is systematically weakening: the bombing of 1944, the subsequent reconstruction, reckless urban renewal, etc. We therefore held several days of 'charrettes’ with residents, businesses, cultural associations, developers and other stakeholders and formulated an agenda for revitalization and urban repair. New developments provide an opportunity to restore historic structures, without being quaint. 


The urban programme consists of ten projects, some of which are already in progress: restoration and reconstruction of the 19th century Lyceumkwartier (2008-2012), development of the Brewinc culture cluster (2010-2012) and realization of the Turkish Cultural centre (2011-2012). Proof of the pudding is the transformation of the Veentjes. Now a failed shopping centre from the ‘70s; later 'living and working in the middle of the city’.


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