De Hoorneboeg Hilversum

Cultural Estate

The Hoorneboeg is a mysterious hill that lies in the moor of the same name. For walking and cycling Hilversummers it is the place 'that was always there'. Still, some things will change. The revenue doesn't cover basic maintenance any more. We're also working on the sustainable conservation of the area. The special history serves as our main source of inspiration: 'Cultural Estate: the place for nature, culture and spirituality'. That is spatially translated into a green framework with 'rooms' in the forest park. The framework is collectively managed. For the rooms, we're looking for small-scale initiatives in the fields of art, reflection & spirituality, leisure, living, nature and health. If you have an idea, please register.


2016 will mainly be focused on placemaking in the heart of the area, culminating in the baptism of Spiritual Hill. Meanwhile, we will continue working on a new zoning plan so that other initiators can start in 2017.


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