Urban heart Nieuwegein

Your city square

Nieuwegein is a new town that was founded in 1970’s for the expanding population of Utrecht. Nieuwegein town center is characterized by a high ambition in architecture, public space and shops. One of the main squares, Stadsplein, is situated between two beautiful high-end architectures of the cityhall and theatre. However, the beautiful architecture and pavement might not enough. The square was most of the time underused and empty. This we can observe in many other newly built cities. 


Entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, the city manager and municipality wanted the Stadsplein becomes alive so that visitors like to come and stay. To achieve this, we organized CORE group of 15 entrepreneurs and joined forces. We made a visual survey to involve the people who want to give ideas. More than 350 residents and visitors of Stadshart Nieuwegein, completed the survey during the event Jouw Stadsplein. On the first question, ‘do you think that the Stadsplein could be pimped up?’, all participants answered ‘Yes’. WeLoveTheCity started searching with the CORE group for ‘quick wins’ to ensure that residents and visitors have the new Stadsplein in their arms.


Visual enquete, Plan of approach
Municipality Niuwegein
Marek Vogt
In cooperation with
CORE groep