Canal district Apeldoorn

Treasure of South

The Southern Canal Area is a historic cultural treasure. At first glance it appears to be an industrial "wasteland", complete with derelict sites and obsolete commercial properties. But a closer look reveals a beautiful canal with authentic 19th century factories, houses and outdoor spaces. This heritage is the basis for an adventurous urban environment enriched by the living context of Apeldoorn. Not only for the privileged few. The housing offer is varied, focusing on young families, seniors and enterprising pioneers on a budget. Residents from adjacent neighbourhoods finally get more choice . . . who dares!?!

The design guidelines (2008-2010) are the result of cooperation with the housing corporations De Woonmensen, Ons Huis and the Province of Gelderland. Implementation has now begun!


Competition (winner), feasibility study, development plan, image quality plan & supervision
Municipality Apeldoorn, De Goede Woning, Ons Huis, De Woonmensen & Provincie Gelderland
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