Veldwijk Park Hengelo

The sport district
Veldwijk Noord was a typical post-war district, where fewer people were choosing to live. Which is crazy, because around the corner was a former water catchment area waiting to be discovered. And, looking forward, there was the Sports Centre Hengelo with the Twente Football Club training complex and the Fanny Blankers Koen athletics stadium. Our plan for the renewal was therefore simple: combine living with water and sports. However, the implementation was not so simple. The water area was designated as a 'business park' and was therefore worth a lot. And the Twente Football club bulletin allowed anyone to follow the news.

And yet it succeeded. The water catchment area is now called Water Tower Park Hengelo. The park was delivered in spring 2017, including the brand new Veld Creek, which keeps this part of the city dry. There's also a new multi-purpose school in the middle of the park in anticipation of the children from the new homes that will be ready next year.


Competition (winner), policy brief, urban plan
Welbions housing corporation, Municipality of Hengelo, FC Twente and several organisations in education, sport and care
Project website
Andries Geerse
In cooperation with
Johan De Wachter Architecten & Karres+Brands