Bijlmer Jail Amsterdam

Prison? City!

The government recently closed the Over-Amstel Penitentiary Facility, better known as the Bijlmer Jail. The National Real Estate Company wants to sell the 7.5 hectare area to a private party. Together with the municipality of Amsterdam they worked out the terms of sales and redevelopment in a Memorandum of Principles (NvU), assisted by WeLoveTheCity. This NvU establishes the basis for the transformation of the Bijlmer Jail to a mixed urban area with 135,000 m2 (gross) of living, working, culture and social facilities for all Amsterdam residents.
Five development teams submitted plans, which were then tested against the NvU. The plan and financial bid of developer AM came out on top.


Memorandum of Principles
National Real Estate Company and the Municipality of Amsterdam
Project website
Marek Vogt
In cooperation with
Ruimte en Duurzaamheid & SITE urban development